It’s about dialogue and action to meet life’s challenges

How we work

The Obulamu? campaign implemented in Uganda to contribute to reductions in:

  • HIV infections
  • Total fertility
  • Maternal and child mortality
  • Malnutrition
  • Malaria
  • TB

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Obulamu? or How's Life? is a popular way of greeting in Uganda. Communication for Healthy Communities (CHC) uses the phrase as a fresh way to position health within day-to-day conversations across 4 life stages. They are:

Life Stage 1: How’s Your Love Life?
Life Stage 2: How’s Your Pregnancy?
Life Stage 3: How’s Your Baby?
Life Stage 4: What’s up?

Latest Resources

TB infection control poster: Mouth and nose covering

The message on this poster is covering of the mouth and nose with a piece of cloth when coughing or sneezing.

TB infection control at a health facility-poster

The poster show how health workers should handle TB patients at the health facility to avoid spreading the infection.

TB infection control poster

This poster gives information on safe sputum collection.